Proof of Ozone Products

The following information will provide proof of effectiveness of ozone products on removal of pesticides, insecticides and pathogens such as e-coli.

“Recent ozone application in food processing and sanitation”

“Ozone an emerging technology for the seafood industry”

“Making food safer than ever with ozone”

Look for further updates on health alerts weekly on other applications of ozone (such as air, mold, mildew, spa, mikvah water, hot tub, and medicinal purposes).

Please note: Do not confuse commercial and industrial uses of ozone. They are not recommended for home use.

I believe a little history is important as to why I am concerned about health.

I work for an international company that filters out contaminates from water and makes it fit to drink and use, as well as eliminating pollution entering the home and drastically reducing pollution exiting the home.

However, we neglected to reduce pollution entering the home from the front door. Specifically, food, cleaners and cosmetics that contain toxic chemicals, which is the reason I address my concerns.