Proof of Insect Infestation

The purpose of our web site is to make the public aware of many problems such as insect infestation and to suggest a possible solution.

You will find that ozone is very effective in killing and controlling insects in industrial and commercial applications, in addition to how it will help in insect inspection and removal by using our vegetable washer.

After 20 minutes in ozonated water and agitation, you will find that dead insects may float to the top and are easier to remove.

Direct effect of ozone pollution on aphids (go to abstract).

Ozone mist spray sterilization for pest control in agricultural management.

Your mother was right and wrong about washing fruits and vegetables. (Dr. Mercola)

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Effects of low ozone concentrations and short exposure times on the mortality of immature stages of the Indian Meal Moth (abstract).

Possible control of fungi and insect infestation of date fruit using ozone.

Ozone kills insects in grain.

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