Ozone Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine














Please note: we have replaced the ozone washer and improved it with the ozone multi-purpose vegetable washer and enhanced it with the following benefits.

  • Using your own pots and bowls allows for more produce to be ozonated at one time.
  • The small compact ozone generator saves counter space. Simply store it in the drawer when not in use.
  • You can now treat fruits and vegetables with ozone, as well as meat, poultry, fish and dairy. The new ozone washer also disinfects counter tops, utensils, and even baby bottles.
  • Since it is transportable, you can use the new improved washer in any room that has a faucet. When traveling, use the washer in hotels, motels and vacation homes as well. You only need one unit for this purpose.
  • The improved washer comes with a handy attachment for drinking a single glass of water or filling a pitcher.
  • We have also added two special ozone faucets that can be used by caterers, restaurants and other businesses, which will be available soon.
  • The improved washer removes detergents, soaps, polishes, waxes, glosses and coatings from produce.

Benefits of Ozone in Air

  • Ozone completely eliminates odors, kills mold, mildew, fungus and airborne


  • Ozone purifies, disinfects and sanitizes air and keeps it fresh.

Benefits of Ozone in Water

  • Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae, fungus, mold spores, protozoa, yeast, cysts and neutralizes toxic chemicals, such as pesticides and insecticides, without leaving a chemical residue, unlike chlorine.

Benefits of Ozone on Fruits and Vegetables

  • Ozone fruit & vegetable washing machine eliminates and neutralizes the harmful effects on insecticides, pesticides and chemicals found in produce.
  • Ozone kills 99% of living micro-organisms, viruses and germs.
  • Ozone on produce is very effective on a host of pathogen, bacteria, protozoa, cyst, virus, fungus, mold spores, yeast from a variety of sources, such as farms and commercial packaging and processing, which may also be contaminated from other sources of water.
  • Ozone increases the life and freshness of produce because bacteria hastens spoilage.
  • Ozone is 50 to 2,000 times more effective and acts faster than chlorine.
  • Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant without leaving a chemical residue, such as chlorine, which is a known carcinogen.

Benefits of Ozone on Fish and Meat

  •  Ozone removes odor and preserves freshness.

Other Applications for the Use of Ozone

  • Ozone will last for about 15 minutes. After produce has been treated and submerged in ozonated water, you can re-use the water by simply pouring it out on the counter top without leaving a chemical residue.
  • The ozonated water can also be used to disinfect baby bottles, dishes, flatware, etc.
  •  Just make sure you wash these items first before disinfecting them.

Money Saving Tips and Special Notice to Vegetarians

No need to pay extra for organic fruits and vegetables or to throw away spoiled produce. The Ozone fruit & vegetable washing machine provides a healthy solution that lengthens the life of produce.