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Alert: Certified Organic Food Grown in US Found Contaminated with Glyphosate

Customers prefer to buy organic produce because they lessen the chance of contamination and believe it is pesticide-free. Because of cross-contamination, our Ozone Vegetable Washer not only removes chemicals, but has the extra advantage of killing bacteria and many micro-organisms such as e-coli. There may be cross-contamination even in Kosher produce. Our Ozone Vegetable Washer removes chemicals from produce, even if not organic, and you will save money as well. We suggest that you visit the web site and you will receive timely updates on recalls. In addition, please visit the web site which you will find informative. The topic of our next newsletter concerning water has been in the news lately and you will find this article interesting and helpful. Please introduce us to the members of your Shul so we can help as many people as possible regarding this important matter. Thousands of tons of organic food produced using toxic chemicals.