Remove Pesticides in Fruits & Vegetables


Vegetarians and Vegans always check ingredients and certifications. Unfortunately, the word organic has been misused. For this reason, we have partnered with We have to answer to a higher authority. Please view video of Ozone Washer in action and visit the web site All produce, fruits and vegetables use pesticides, insecticides and fertilizer. Therefore, they are contaminated and there are many recalls on these produce. Even organic food have increased recalls.

To remove pesticides in fruits and vegetables, the Ozone Vegetable Washer is the ideal solution that leaves no chemical residue. All vegans are very health conscious and consume vitamins and minerals and drink juices. That is why we highly recommend to test and filter the water that can affect the vegan’s health.

To further increase cleanliness of produce, it is recommended to wash produce with filtered water first.

Remember to order our Water Test Kit.

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