Importance of Eco Friendly Baby Products


Google top 10 hazardous household chemicals in cleaners.

There are toxic chemicals: Toxic alert on baby bath products.

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Consumer report: parents should replace baby bottle and teethers because of plastic BPD.

Johnson & Johnson: Just removed in baby shampoo formaldehyde which is known to cause cancer (carcinogen) and is used in cleaners, cosmetics and skin care products. Chlorine gets absorbed in skin.

See To find products with non-toxic substitutions.

Baby Products:
Pregnant moms should avoid TRICLSON-hormone disrupter found in bacteria hand soap and disinfectant products. The chemical is also absorbed in the skin and is found in breast milk.

Choose eco friendly baby products with plastic that is PVC-free. Look for No. 4 or No. 5 on bottom of plastic bottle.

Salon ingredients to avoid:
Hair and nail that contain formaldehyde, Tolune, Phthalates which is linked to birth defects and reproductive problems and cancer.


Ask for 10 harmful chemicals to avoid. The web site will list chemicals as well as eco friendly baby products and solutions on how to avoid those chemicals.