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There is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips using the Internet.
This may cause a dilemma.

We generally do not have the time to spend searching
for answers to questions that are specific and compatible to our lifestyle.
Therefore, after much research, we found a web site to link with that can answer
any questions that you might have and also would save time and money.
Please visit http://www.kosherwoman.com
You will be surprised at the vast array of information available.



After subscribing to this web site, you will be receiving timely updates regarding health alerts, allergies, recalls, mislabeled products, and other issues and concerns regarding Kashrus nationwide. Please visit http://www.kashrut.com



Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar wanted to withdraw Kashrus certification because of the high level of pesticides. The Tur says “It is a mitzvah to watch oneself to make sure he stays healthy in order to serve Hashem”.

Kosher is not for our physical health but for our spiritual health. It is not for the body but for our soul. Your favorite diet may build healthy bodies, but a Kosher diet builds healthy souls.

After much research, we are proud to introduce an organization that has pioneered Organic and Kosher certification. Their web site is www.kosherorganics.com. They have agreed to link with our company and help market our products and services, as well as to include us in their Kosher Organics Guide.

Kosher certification is intended for products we consume. The Organics Guide on http://www.kosherorganicsguide.com is for products that we use, such as our Ozone Vegetable Washer. Therefore, a new category had to be added to the Guide, which is Eco-Friendly Products.

Recently in 2016, Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods and many other companies were recalled due to a massive recall on frozen foods in all 50 states. In addition, a Dole salad plant was closed because of contaminants. But with the Vegetable Washer, you will still be able to consume the fruits and vegetables, even if recalled due to pathogens or toxic chemicals.