About Us

All day we are all constantly exposed to chemicals in our home and in our workplace. The purpose of this web site is to give advice and suggestions on how you can control your home environment (air, water, personal care and cleaning products) and transform your environment to a chemical-free and healthy environment. Also, it can drastically reduce pollution entering your home and reduce pollution exiting your home.

Our web site will show you the following:

For example, by law the city must put chemicals into your water to make it fit to drink. However, you can control what enters your home and you can choose to remove these chemicals.

Another example: you buy organic foods but can still be contaminated by cross-contamination. Our web site will show you how to clean your produce without the use of chemicals.

Another example: there is a growing trend to buy organic fabrics. However, once you use detergents and wash the fabrics in tap water, the fabrics are now contaminated. Our web site will give you the suggested solutions on how to keep the fabrics contamination-free.