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How to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer and healthier
ozone fruit vegetable washer before and after
The answer is the ozone vegetable washer. View the video and see it in action There are recalls on many fruits and vegetable that are contaminated with pesticides and insecticide and pathogens such as e-coli and salmonella and are very difficult to remove, even with aggressive washing.

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New and Improved Vegetable Washer


When people hear the word “ozone” they think of smog, but that is not produced by the vegetable washer! Oxygen is O². Ozone is O³, which is produced by lightning. The following is a brief list of benefits of ozone in air, water, on fruits, vegetables and other applications that need to be disinfected.

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The Ozone Fruit and Vegetable Washer System is ready and complete. There are no replacement parts or filters needed. This washer system is designed with a digital push button read-out with a timer. There is a one-year warranty, which means in the unlikely event that the system breaks, you can easily get a replacement. The rinse bowl is very easy and quick to clean and the system is lightweight and compact.

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The Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator can also be used as an air purifier, detoxification foot bath, and in a separate bowl can be used as a vegetable and fruit washer.

If you were having spinach salad, and if it was infected with e-coli, washing the leaves with just water would not have helped.

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Ozone Water System

ozone water system

Renters of apartments, condos or townhouses deserve pure, clean, healthy drinking water when modifying plumbing is not an option. Our Ozone/UV Counter Top Filtration System is the answer.

This system outperforms faucet-mounted systems that are prone to leaks and clogs.

The Ozone/UV Counter Top System is more effective than faucet-mounted systems due to a larger filter, which filters larger quantities of water and removes more contaminates.

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Of Interest to Vegan and Vegetarians

Of Interest to Vegan and Vegetarians

All produce, fruits and vegetables use pesticides, insecticides and fertilizer. Therefore, they are contaminated and there are many recalls on these produce. Even organic food have increased recalls. To clean vegetables, the Ozone Vegetable Washer is the only solution that leaves no chemical residue. All vegans are very health conscious and consume vitamins and minerals and drink juices. That is why we highly recommend to test and filter the water that can affect the vegan's health.

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Shower Filter

Shower Head

Renters of apartments and condos deserve clean, healthy water to shower without modifying the plumbing.

Many chemicals such as chlorine (which kills bacteria) is also absorbed into the skin and damages skin and hair. The gas fumes inhaled irritate the lungs and eye tissue. Other chemicals mix with chlorine and become cancerous.

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In-Home Test Kit

In Home Test Kit

It is recommended that BEFORE ordering any product, that you have your water tested with our in-home test kit, and then we will give you options to fit your needs.

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Of Interest to Moms and Babies

Of Interest to Moms and Babies

Google top 10 hazardous household chemicals in cleaners. There are toxic chemicals: Toxic alert on baby bath products.Consumer report: parents should replace baby bottle and teethers because of plastic BPD

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Shower Filter – Chlorine Reduction

Shower Filter - Chlorine Reduction

Your skin absorbs chlorine, causing premature aging, dry, itching, scaly, respiratory, lung, and eye irritation. The most effective way to remove chlorine (95%) is KDF/FILTER.

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Triple Counter Top Water Filter

Countertop Water Filter

This system is only intended for city water, not not well water. The city tries it best to treat the water after it is poluted by by people and inudstry. We take control and inprove on it with this system.
With well water, the hope oner will be in complete control and has to treat the watr more agressively.
After doing research, we will be adding systems for well water. Our newsletter will notify you.

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